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We value providing EXCELLENT services from the initial consultation until you achieve your credit goals.

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“I was very satisfied. They did a great job. I would recommend them to everyone.”

- Joanne

“I signed up for my wife and I to help get our credit cleaned up. I was skeptical because I had paid those other credit companies a lot of money over the years to fix this stuff. But after many letters to the credit bureaus all negatives were removed.”

- Jack and Diane

“In such a relatively short amount of time amazing! Would and have recommended ‘Excellent Credit Score’ to all who could use needed help. Thank you to Mr. Fahny and your Excellent staff! ‘By the way, yes our credit scores are consistently rising”

- Lydia M.

“Our experience with Mr. Tom Fahrny from the handshake at introduction, has been positive Beyond expectations! So professional and knowledgeable in traversing the roadways of credit reports. And in such a relatively short amount of time amazing!”

- Rick