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The Negative Credit Item Eliminators

The downturn has left tens of millions of Americans overwhelmed with heavy debt burdens. Their low credit scores make it difficult for them to borrow on good terms. Many seek the help of credit repair services to improve their credit reports. They see some negative items removed from their credit reports only to find they return a short while later. Their hopes of a real relief from their credit problems are shattered — until they discover Excellent Credit Scores’ unique credit report challenger service.


Credit Restoration Innovators

Over the past 15 years Excellent Credit Scores helped thousands of families and individuals to make a fresh credit start. We cannot clear the debt but we do remove the debt history that pushes down credit scores. Research shows that more than two-third of credit reports contain errors. Some of these errors have a strong negative effect on credit scores. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other Federal laws clearly lay down the credit bureaus’ obligations. The law requires verifiable proof of negative items in credit reports, for example, copies of original documents. It also requires bureaus to permanently remove credit data errors.
Our team of EXPERTS has a comprehensive understanding of consumer credit laws. They know how to carefully check each item of client credit history. They consistently find significant errors and challenge the credit companies to permanently remove them. From bankruptcies, to charge-offs, to tax liens, Excellent Credit Scores has challenged virtually every type of credit problem. In the last year alone our credit history checks forced credit bureaus to permanently remove millions of items from clients’ credit reports. If necessary, we remind the bureaus that ignoring their federal obligations has serious legal consequences. We don’t negotiate with them but simply ask them to comply with the law.
We are the only company able to remove the most difficult credit report items and inquiries. We have also established excellent relationships with car dealers, realtors, mortgage bankers, and lending institutions to help our clients accomplish their credit goals.


Working hand-in-hand with Clients

Excellent Credit Scores offers new clients FREE thorough credit consultations. These sessions combine a review of the client’s goals and expert credit report analysis. They identify unverifiable negative items to remove from reports and set out ways to build new, powerful credit lines.
We treat our clients as full partners in the fight to quickly improve credit ratings. Other companies often transfer clients between consultants but our clients work with the same consultant throughout. Clients also benefit from our firm commitment to credit education. Besides helping clean those negative items from credit report we teach clients how to maintain good credit ratings.
We have developed an easy to use tracking system that helps keep close tabs on the credit bureaus’ responses to history removal requests. In most cases clients can expect to see these negative credit details gone within 30-90 days. Those with heavy debts and a large amount of recent bad credit history might have to wait a bit longer.


Meet Tom Fahrny, Excellent Credit Scores’ CEO

Tom Fahrny has led Excellent Credit Scores since 2007. Tom has appeared on ABC 7, CNN, KNX Talk Radio and Exeter Talk Radio. His knowledge of the credit industry and dedication to client service has helped propel Excellent Credit Scores into its current position as a credit restoration leader. Click on the following video link to see Tom’s explain how our winning credit restoration strategy operates:


Tom Fahrny’s Excellent Credit Scores Presentation